Board of Trustees

About the Board of Trustees

The Library Board consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor, with the concurrence of the Coos Bay City Council, and one representative from Coos Bay City Council.  The Board is responsible for library policies, budget requests, and advise the city council on library matters.  For a full description of Library Board duties see Coos Bay Municipal Code 2.25.  


Janice Langlinais

Term Ending: 06/30/2025

Gina Sutherland

Term Ending: 06/30/2025

Jenni DeLeon

Term Ending: 06/30/2026

Ida Jo Gates

Term Ending: 06/30/2026

Bob More

Term Ending: 06/30/2023

James Moore

Term Ending: 06/30/2024

Peggy Christensen

Term Ending: 06/30/2023

Rob Miles

Council Rep.


The Board meets the third Wednesday of each month. Special meetings of the board may be called by the Chair at any time with reasonable notice. 

Board Documents

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November 2022 View Document
October 2022 View Document

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