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Program Type: Arts & Crafts

What Is It?

Create a unique diorama using Peeps marshmallow candies as the main characters. Take cues from books, movies, pop culture, and stories! We particularly enjoy entries that have a creative play on the word "Peep."


  • 1 Peep diorama entry per person
  • Size Limit: Please keep diorama about shoe box size or smaller.
  • Must include Library Logo sticker (provided by library)
  • Contestants must be Coos or Curry County Residents


Contest Dates

March 25 - April 8: Pick up a Peeps diorama starter bag while supplies last! Bags include a REQUIRED library logo sticker, submission form, Peeps, and a random assortment of craft supplies. You can ask the front desk for a library sticker and submission form if you don't want a starter bag. You may buy your own Peeps and supplies.

April 1 - 22: Drop off your completed diorama to be displayed at the library, or email a picture to the library.

April 25 - 27: Librarians will vote and announce winners (yes, there will be prizes!)

April 25 - 30: Come Pick up dioramas, or they will be disposed.