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Allowed Ages: 8 to 12

For ages 8 to 12


In Monster Makers, we'll learn about the different ways plants and animals are evolved to thrive in their natural environments. We'll use our observations and references to create our own creatures using polymer clay, and imagine places for them to live-- the deep ocean, the tops of trees, outer space... nowhere is off limits to what we can imagine! Students will learn about clay modeling and can take their cured pieces home at the end of the workshop!


See more about Monster Makers in schools here:

About the artist:

Jen Hernandez is an artist and educator based in Corvallis, Oregon. Her artwork is inspired by the natural environment, people, and stories of the Pacific Northwest, with special attention to diversity in representation.

See some of Jen's artwork online at 

This program is made possible through grant funding from Coos County Cultural Coalition.  Pre-registration is required. 

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