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Honorary Gifts

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or other special occasion with a gift to the Coos Bay Public Library Foundation honoring your friend, family member, or co-worker.   If you request, they will receive a card from the Foundation telling them that you have made a thoughtful gift in their name.

Memorial Gifts

Gifts in memory are made to honor the legacy of someone dear to the donor who has passed away and to celebrate his or her life.  For a loved one whose life has been enriched by reading and the library, memorial gifts to the Coos Bay Public Library Foundation are a meaningful tribute.

When a family suffers a loss, there are countless emotional decisions to make. To ensure your final wishes are known, it is advisable to share with your loved ones that you would appreciate memorial gifts be made to the Coos Bay Public Library Foundation in your honor.

Loved ones may prefer to ask for memorial gifts through the published obituary. The notice might read, "In lieu of flowers, the family requests contributions be made in memory of (name of person) to the Coos Bay Public Library Foundation." Alternatively, relatives and friends can be notified at the service or the information can be printed on a card of remembrance.

When receiving a memorial gift, Coos Bay Public Library Foundation acknowledges the donor's generosity with a personalized letter and receipt.  The family of the deceased is notified of the gift and any accompanying message.

Coos Bay Public Library Foundation never discloses the amount of a memorial or honorary gift.