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Program Type: Health & Wellness, Social

Most caregivers in our country never had any training to prepare them for this very important role. They are often overwhelmed with the physical and emotional aspects of being a caregiver, let alone learning medical care procedures, medication delivery, and how to navigate complex medical, legal, insurance and social services systems. Yet, medical providers rely on them as partners in carrying out these duties for sometimes years at a stretch.

This free one-hour workshop is designed to help caregivers learn what resources are available. It is led by experienced nurses, social workers, and discharge planners who give tips and answer questions. Attendees receive a resource packet containing useful agency contact information, basic caregiving techniques, and more. It is also an opportunity to connect with other caregivers.

Death can be a difficult topic, but we hope this series will help people plan ahead. Being prepared will not only help support more peaceful deaths, but also help loved ones through a difficult process.