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Program Type: Bilingual, Meeting, Social, Workshop

Coos Bay Public Library, in partnership with with American Sign Language instructor, Kandy Bergquist, will co-host ASL Practice Place every third Thursday of the month on Zoom!

Bergquist has been studying ASL 30 years. She worked as an interpreter in school systems including special needs children, in programs for special needs adults, and privately with adults. Additionally, she worked with the deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH) as an interpreter, classroom aid, and Speech Pathologist. Bergquist received specialized training in graduate school for working with the D/HH population and currently teaches ASL and Signed English at Southwestern Oregon Community College.

Program is for those who wish to practice their ASL conversational skills and help other learners in a friendly setting. Attendees will have the opportunity to sign in ASL as a group for one hour in a casual, informal environment. This is NOT a class, but we will provide ideas for conversational topics. Beginners are welcome. Let’s sign!

                This program is FREE and open to anyone who wishes to sharpen their ASL conversational skills. Register for this virtual program @


September 2022 ASLPP Questions (Practice ahead or just show up to discuss the following)

Pastimes1. What do you do as a pastime in the evenings (after dinner)?2. What do you like to do as a pastime when you are on vacation?3. What do you suggest to out of town/state visitors as a pastime?4. What do you do as a pastime when you are with your best friend?5. What do you and your family do as a pastime when you are together?6. What was your favorite pastime when you were a child?7. What is your favorite pastime now?8. What is the oddest pastime you have ever had?